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Women's Health

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Women's Health

Functional & Naturopathic Medicine Excel

A woman doctor can understand a woman's needs.  Expect an understanding listening ear and find out what your options are.

Are PMS, menstrual irregularities, hormone imbalances, or menopausal symptoms "cramping" your style?  Are you suffering from ovarian cysts, fibroids, heavy bleeding or infertility?  There are effective natural options available for helping with these issues.

While there in no consensus in the medical mainstream about the use of hormone optimization therapy, many a woman can attest to the beauty of sleeping through the night again, being free of debilitating menstrual symptoms, having more energy, having a healthy baby,  a clearer brain and more balanced emotions.  It's plain that hormonal regulation is key for good health and well-being at all stages in life.

Dr. Barter specializes in female hormone lab testing.  She can perform blood, urine, or saliva testing depending on your insurance coverage and convenience to you.  She offers the full range of laboratory testing right from her office.

Are you having difficulties with morning sickness, back pain, reflux, fluid retention or fatigue during your pregnancy?  Dr. Barter is able to help many of these complaints with natural methods that are safe during pregnancy and breast-feeding.  She is happy to work alongside your midwife or OB/GYN.  She also works with pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who have chronic Lyme disease.

She also offers women's annual exams in a comfortable, personalized atmosphere.  Many routine female issues have simple, natural solutions.  Referrals to specialists will be made when necessary.

Don’t let breast, ovarian, or endometrial cancer be a specter in your background. Dr. Barter can help you understand how and when to screen for these diseases.  Preventive medicine is the best medicine, after laughter, of course.