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  • Physical Medicine

    What We Treat

Physical Medicine, A Unique Approach

Utilizing multiple evaluation systems and treatments

Posture & Gait analysis

Posture and the way a person walks give priceless insights into a person’s structural and internal problems for the doctor who has a thorough understanding of biomechanics, kinesiology (the way muscles move the body), and meridian theory. Dr. Barter uses observation of posture and gait with every single patient to gain insight into their case whether it is a structural complaint, heart disease, digestive distress, or something seemingly unrelated to posture or gait.

Using knowledge of applied kinesiology, observation of posture and gait can help guide treatment. Many times errors of posture and gait that the patient cannot overcome by their own efforts can be corrected with appropriate treatment.

Dr. Julie Barter also refers out for yoga, Pilates, strength training, or prescribes specific exercises and stretches for people to do at home.  This speeds up the healing process and helps people take charge of their own health and well-being.

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a diagnostic system. It’s an ingenious system that combines Chinese Medicine with modern knowledge of neurology and biomechanics. By using this powerful tool, an observant doctor can learn about what is going on with a person just by watching them walk and move. Even more information can be gained by testing the muscles involved in that postural distortion, injury, or problem joint.

Utilizing manual muscle testing, the doctor is able to evaluate in the office the quality of function of the muscles and meridian flow. This does not in any way replace the need for proper lab evaluation, but it does provide a means to evaluate structural integrity as well as internal workings non-invasively.

It is, in effect, a tool for functional analysis of the patient. The body’s function is greatly influenced by nutrition, environmental toxins, medicines, mental/emotional factors, as well as muscle and joint function. AK is truly a holistic approach that recognizes that all these factors play a part in real well-being. 

Prolozone & PRP Injections

Please see the Prolozone page for detailed information on these highly effective injection techniques and the many conditions they can treat.

Naturopathic Manipulation

Back pain, knee pain, neck pain, migraines, no problem!

Dr. Julie Barter knows how to get you out of pain fast.  Using a completely unique combination of age-old manual manipulation techniques originating from naturopathic, chiropractic and osteopathic maneuvers with kinesiological evaluation of muscle strength,  and injection therapies when needed, the result is resolution of new and old injuries and nagging pains in record time.

Naturopathic doctors refer to adjusting as “joint mobilization” or “naturopathic manual therapy.”

Re-alignment of the spine and joints is a powerful tool for restoring proper function in the body, both on the level of the joints and of energy and meridian flow in the body. Proper alignment has effects not only on the musculoskeletal system, but also has acupuncture-like effects depending on the acupuncture points at the site of movement. The beneficial effects of alignment go far beyond mobilization of things that may feel “stuck.” Dr. Barter uses a hands-on approach as a tool similar to acupuncture for improving internal energy flow, which often has profound effects on improving digestion, breathing, mental clarity, energy and sense of well-being.

She is able to help with common concerns such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, whiplash, migraines, headaches, joint stiffness, arthritis, and much more.  Many simple complaints can be resolved right in one visit.  More complex complaints may take a handful of visits.  She uses other therapies such as homeopathy, herbs and supplements that are known to help heal injuries, aches, and pains.  This speeds up the healing process.

The healing power of hands-on therapies cannot be over-emphasized.  Dr. Barter uses gentle highly effective techniques.

For very sensitive, young or old patients very gentle approaches such as cranio-sacral therapy may be employed.

Nagging pains can often be corrected by muscle and reflex balancing.

Cranio-sacral therapy

Pioneered by Major DeJarnette in the early part of this century, cranio-sacral therapy is a gentle method of moving the bones of the cranium and the pelvis in rhythm with the breath in order to restore normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid and skull shape. Restoration of smooth flow of the fluid in which the brain, spinal cord and nerves are bathed can have profound effects not only on pain of all sorts, but also on hormonal function, blood pressure, and a whole host of other problems that may result from impaired circulation to the very delicate nervous system.