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  • IV Therapies

    What We Treat

Offering a full array of therapeutic & nutrient intravenous infusion

Over the last 15 years in practice, we've observed over and over the effectiveness of IVs for helping with the symptoms of dehydration, colds and flus, fatigue due to nutrient depletion, hangovers and many common medical conditions.
Most of these can be done same day.  We can often accommodate walk-ins, but to be sure of timely service, please call our office to schedule 406.863.9300

We have been extensively trained by experts in intravenous therapies, carry certifications of completion of training courses for medical IVs and regularly attend IV refresher trainings.  We use only medical grade supplies and ingredients and comply with OSHA guidelines.   We offer many other IVs than the basic recipes listed here. 

Myers Nutritional Cocktail

Feeling run down, stressed out or getting sick?  Consider a Myers Nutritional cocktail.   It contains a powerful boost of Vitamin C, minerals, electrolytes and B vitamins that often help people fight off illness,  and bounce back from fatigue or stress.

Hangover Relief

Regretting overindulging last night?  Try a Myers Cocktail with a Glutathione chaser, a powerful combo for enhancing liver detoxification of alcohol and its byproducts. 


This is 500-1000mL of normal saline, the same  IV utilized in hospitals for dehydration.  This is great for people who have recently suffered nausea with vomiting or diarrhea or for athletes who may not have been able to adequately hydrate during a hard exertion.   The hydration created by IV administration is dramatically more effective than attempting to hydrate by mouth.

Super Immune

This contains all the same ingredients as the Myers Cocktail, but also contains some powerful immune stimulants.  This is a stronger formulation for fighting colds and flus.

Vitamin C

This is Linus Pauling's great contribution to humanity, for which he won a Nobel Prize.  This IV can consist of anywhere from 25-100grams of Vitamin C (25,000-100,000 milligrams).    At this high dose it is a powerful inhibitor of viral replication.  Many of our cancer patients experience better outcomes from surgeries, chemo and radiation when they utilize the high dose C in conjuction with their oncology program.   Chronic Lyme patients often benefit from the anti-microbial effects of these high doses as well.


Glutathione is a compound produced by cells in the body to remove toxins.  It is produced in the highest amounts by the liver.  Giving a boost of glutathione provides relief for patients exposed to chemicals in the workplace, Parkinsonian tremors, and those with mold exposures.  Lyme patients often benefit as well.


NAD boosts cellular energy, enhances mitochondrial function, helps increase ATP (energy) production, helps repair oxidative damage, and helps neurons (nerve and brain cells) repair themselves.  Many people report it helps combat fatigue, improves overall energy and cognition, and helps reverse the effects of aging on the brain as well as every cell in the body.


This IV consists of withdrawing a certain blood volume into a sterile container where it is infused with medical oxygen and ozone, then reinfused to the patient after passing through a series of UV lights.  The combination of the medical oxygen, ozone and ultraviolet light has anti-microbial as well as cellular energizing effects.  Patients find these IVs useful for energy, clearing up brain fog, improving joint pains, and also helping recover from chronic illnesses

Phosphatidylcholine a.k.a Plaquex 

This IV is very useful for detox in liver disease, neurodegenerative conditions such as neuropathies, MS, chronic Lyme, mold illness, chronic fatigue syndrome and cognitive decline.  It increases membrane fluidity, enhancing elmination and replacement of toxins with cellular building blocks.  People report better energy, better cognition and decreased pain.

Vitamin B12 Injection

A simple injection of methylcobalamin, the most active form of Vitamin B12 in the body often provides a quick energy and mental clarity boost.

Skinny Shot

This is a combination of B12, B Complex, minerals and amino acids that are needed for energy metabolism and fat burning.  Often perceived as even more energizing than the B12 alone.