Holiday Blues? You Might Have SAD

Have the Holiday Blues? You Might Be a "SAD" Sufferer

SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder is often overlooked in sunny Colorado. As hours of sunshine plummet toward their low on the winter solstice next week, Vitamin D production comes to a screeching halt. In cities at the latitude of Denver and farther north, it's impossible to get Vitamin D from sunshine from roughly late September until late March, depending on the altitude.

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Allergy and Asthma Sufferers Beware

Allergy and Asthma Sufferers Beware of Scented Products

Don't get snookered by the "natural" claim. In a study carried out by the Natural Resources Defense Council, 14 different household air fresheners were tested. Remarkably nearly all products, even those advertised as 'all natural' or 'unscented' contained dangerous chemicals that are associated with hormone disruption and reproductive problems.

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How Safe Is Your Air?

Find Out How Safe Your Air is for You and Your Children

Many people think remote northwestern Montana is an ideal setting with fresh outdoor air. Those of you who have seen the inversions might know better. We all know that stuff can't be good to breathe. To find out how the air in your neighborhood stacks up:

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To Flu Shot or Not to Flu Shot?

Dr. J typically does NOT recommend the flu shot. Here's why:

They guess every year at what strains of flu are going to go around and put those in the flu shot. They miss the guesses more often than not, which means you've gotten a shot for nothing Not only is the flu shot one of the least effective vaccines on the market, it's one of those with the most side effects. Lots of folks actually get sick after the flu shot, and then the final salt in the wound is that at many of them get the flu even though they've been vaccinated. Nearly all multi-shot vials (much more affordable for mass administration) are preserved with Thimerosal, which is a mix of mercury and aluminum. Both of these things are very powerful and direct inhibitors of immune function. Sounds like a bad idea, because it is.

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Cold and Flu Season

Cold and Flu Season: natural remedies you should have on hand

Having second thoughts about the flu shot? Dr. Julie Barter's experience says there are natural remedies that work a lot better than the flu shot. Here are a few:

Oscillococcinum - even though no one can pronounce it, it works!
Give a 1/4 of a tube full at the first sign of flu and twice daily until feeling better. You can also take it as a flu preventer. For prophylactic use, take 1/4 tube-full once weekly if people around you are ill.

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Obesogens – 5 things you didn’t know made you fat.

Bet you didn't know that a whole list of things you encounter every single day are making you retain or gain unwanted weight. Check out this list and how to avoid them:

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Three Essentials for Immune Health

Immune function is really a combination of many body systems. Here are three simple things you can do to help make sure your immune system is in good shape:

Get 8 or more hours of sleep nightly. Your immune system does most of its house-cleaning at night. This is when your body kills abnormal (cancerous) cells, and does most of its work to beat viruses and bacteria. The immune system doesn't really ramp up to its full capacity until you've been asleep at least 5 hours!

Don't eat sugar. This means the refined white stuff which is a drug! White blood cell (immune cell) function is significantly impaired for about 4 hours following sugar consumption. Seriously!

Exercise outdoors. This goes for adults and kids. Get your Vitamin D naturally - from the sun! Most people tested in this office are deficient in Vitamin D due to indoor lifestyles. Fresh air and moving around promote natural detoxification and anti-depressant mechanisms in the body.

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