Vaccination and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

I get asked about vaccination frequently by parents. I'm not anti-vaccination, I'm PRO thinking about sensible timing and number of vaccines given at once.

Did you know that the current CDC recommended vaccination schedule has children taking about 24 doses of 10 vaccines by age 1 year and 50 doses of 15 different vaccines by age 6? It may be getting to be too much. Check out the full text of an article that shows the clear link between number of vaccinations and the correlation to the SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) rate. Click here to go to the article.

A well-known immunologist, Heather Zwickey, PhD speaks from an expert's point of view, saying that it makes very little sense to give vaccinations before the age of 1-2 YEARS of age. The body simply cannot mount an immune response to the vaccines before that time. That's why so many shots are needed, because the ones before the age of 2 years old are basically useless in terms of stimulating immunity.

Mother's breast-milk is nature's solution to immunity until the age of somewhere between 1-2 years of age. Mom passes protection for everything she's immune to right through the breast-milk to the baby.

Dr. Zwickey says furthermore, when you wait until roughly the age of 2 to vaccinate, in many cases it only takes one or two shots to confer permanent immunity, rather than the usual 4-5.

Other food for thought - ALL vaccines have to be preserved. This was usually done with mercury, but since mercury has come to light as a very damaging substance to the brain, nervous system, and thyroid, some companies are switching to other preservatives. Mercury free is not a ticket to safety. Almost all vaccines are preserved with and contain aluminum, which may even be worse.

When you start to add up the amount of aluminum and mercury that is contained in the CDC-recommended vaccination schedule, it is found that by the age of a few months, a child gets FAR MORE THAN the amount of mercury or aluminum that is considered safe for an ADULT in the same time span.

It can help to have a vaccination consult to decide what makes the most sense for the health of your child.

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