Unproven Cancer Therapies

Unproven Cancer Therapies

Buyer Beware. Especially if you have cancer. More unproven and questionable "natural" therapies are promoted for treating cancer than for any other condition. Many are worthless. Some are dangerous. We naturopathic doctors hear about these 'therapies' constantly from our patients. Sorting through them separating from the good from the worthless is a constant challenge.

A respected colleague of mine, Tina Kaczor ND was interviewed recently about this topic. Below is a link to that interview. If you have cancer and are searching for alternative therapies, or you have a friend or family member with cancer, you should listen to what Dr. Kaczor has to say. The information and general guidelines she gives for helping separate the useful from the dangerous might help save someone's live.

Dr. Kaczor is past president of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians, sits on the board of the American Board of Clinical Oncologists and is Medical Editor for the Natural Medicine Journal. She knows what she is talking about.

This is a worthwhile listen both for health practitioners and their patients and also for anyone who may be inspired to
promote some 'unproven' therapy to a friend who does have cancer.

To find a Naturopathic Doctor who is trained in naturopathic oncology (cancer care), please visit our national association's website to find someone in your area:

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