To Flu Shot or Not to Flu Shot?

Dr. J typically does NOT recommend the flu shot. Here's why:

They guess every year at what strains of flu are going to go around and put those in the flu shot. They miss the guesses more often than not, which means you've gotten a shot for nothing Not only is the flu shot one of the least effective vaccines on the market, it's one of those with the most side effects. Lots of folks actually get sick after the flu shot, and then the final salt in the wound is that at many of them get the flu even though they've been vaccinated. Nearly all multi-shot vials (much more affordable for mass administration) are preserved with Thimerosal, which is a mix of mercury and aluminum. Both of these things are very powerful and direct inhibitors of immune function. Sounds like a bad idea, because it is.

If you HAVE to get a flu shot, here are the ones that are Thimerosal and aluminum-hydroxide free:

FluMist - this is the nasal spray. But it's live attenuated virus, so likelihood of getting sick, feverish or the flu afterwards is higher. Fluarix Afluira - only the single dose vials are free of Thimersol Fluzone - only the single dose vials of free of Thimerosal

Here's a link to the CDC's list for this year of all the preservatives, adjuvants and other exciting stuff in all the vaccines.

We recommend strengthening your immune system so you can fight off the flu yourself. Also, there are homeopathic preparations that are very effective for preventing getting the flu, which are in our opinion much MORE effective than the flu shot. Occilococcinum, which is easily obtained in any health food store is just one example.

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