Obesogens – 5 things you didn’t know made you fat.

Bet you didn't know that a whole list of things you encounter every single day are making you retain or gain unwanted weight. Check out this list and how to avoid them:

Phthalates - plastic, shampoo, cosmetics, perfume, aspirin, glue. Click here to check whether your cosmetics, lotions, and other personal hygiene products are healthy or downright dangerous.

Bisphenol A - plastics (i.e. Nalgene bottles, bottled water), saran wrap, dental fillings, canned food. Acts like an estrogen even in very small amounts. This makes little terrors out of little girls and overweight little boys, not to mention causing cancer, thyroid disruption and uterine fibroids.

High fructose corn syrup - Read any label. Where is it not? HFCS causes diabetes. Before people get diabetes, they get moody, depressed, irritable and fat. Read your labels and steer clear of it.

Solvents - Think you're not exposed? Think again - car exhaust fumes, glues, carpet, cleaning products, paint, varnishes. Live in oil or gas country? Contaminated water is a major source. Common symptoms of solvent overload are vertigo, irritability, anxiety, brain fog and chemical sensitivity.

Pesticides - Right in everything you eat!!!! Pyrethrins and organophosphates are the major two classes of pesticides used on our foods. The dirty dozen may contain measurable levels of up to 20 pesticides on one fruit or vegetable!! Pesticide residues and solvents used as carriers for those pesticides were found in 100% of 2400 people sampled by the CDC in 2001. Guess where these are stored? Right. In fat cells, the brain, and other fatty tissues such as thyroid, ovaries, prosate and breasts. Choose organic or pesticide free foods whenever possible. Check to find out the current “dirty dozen” most pesticide-laden foods.

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