Integrative Medicine in Our Office

Dr. Julie Barter Practices Integrative Medicine

What the heck is integrative medicine? Perhaps the common idea is that the practitioner incorporates ideas and practices from more than one discipline. Maybe it means they refer out to someone who provides services that are less mainstream.

What if one practitioner was able to provide just about anything you and your family might need short of surgery? That's what many people believe is the best part of Dr. Julie
Barter's practice.

The symptom is not always the problem!

What if the cause of your knee pain wasn't your knee but your gallbladder?

(Makes perfect sense from a Chinese meridian standpoint and can be easily treated as such) What if your neck pain wasn't really coming from your neck but from the wrong shoes or from an allergy to a food you eat all the time? What
if your back pain wasn't coming from a structural problem as much as from stress?

Sometime effective treatment requires looking at the bigger picture and the whole person. What if you didn't have to go to three or four different health-care providers to get the broad overview and comprehensive treatment?

Dr. Barter likes to think of herself as a small-town country doc (in fact she served in just this capacity in a small town in Maine). She's one-stop-shop primary care for many complaints pertaining to everything from infants to seniors.

If you have some "strange" complaint, or all your labs are "normal" but you know everything is not as it should be, know that Dr. Barter can take a unique look at your situation. Her training encompassed the things you expect your medical doctor to know with natural treatment options, specialized training in manipulation therapeutics for bodily aches and pains, Chinese medicine for looking at the meridian system, and homeopathic medicines for relief of mental and emotional stresses. She also knows when it's time to refer to specialists or for other interventions. She is willing to work side-by-side your other health care providers to give you the best and most thorough care.

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