How Safe Is Your Air?

Find Out How Safe Your Air is for You and Your Children

Many people think remote northwestern Montana is an ideal setting with fresh outdoor air. Those of you who have seen the inversions might know better. We all know that stuff can't be good to breathe. To find out how the air in your neighborhood stacks up:

Dr. Barer sees a huge influx of asthma and allergy sufferers during the fall and winter. Crummy indoor and outdoor air quality plays a huge role in the lung and other upper respiratory problems for many people. PLUG YOUR ZIPCODE INTO THIS DATABASE
to find out how your local neighborhood stacks up, and who the polluters are in your community. You might be surprised.

For instance, Flathead County ranks among the worst in the nation for airborne release of known carcinogens.  Find out who the ecological bad boys are at  This is not what we expected in health-conscious Whitefish!

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