Cold and Flu Season

Cold and Flu Season: natural remedies you should have on hand

Having second thoughts about the flu shot? Dr. Julie Barter's experience says there are natural remedies that work a lot better than the flu shot. Here are a few:

Oscillococcinum - even though no one can pronounce it, it works!
Give a 1/4 of a tube full at the first sign of flu and twice daily until feeling better. You can also take it as a flu preventer. For prophylactic use, take 1/4 tube-full once weekly if people around you are ill.

Zinc - Your immune system cannot function without zinc, and many people are deficient. Lozenges work for some. You can also take pills of 15 mg up to 100mg daily until the flu has passed you by.

Elderberry - This is a magical anti-viral! Kids will even take it. It prevents viruses from being able to multiply. This means it helps snuff out both colds & flus.

NAC - This is one of nature's best decongestants. It prevents colds from becoming sinus infections, and helps minimize flu symptoms. Take 500-1000 mg 2-3 times daily.

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