Cholesterol is Not the Bad Guy!

Then What About Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is not the bad guy!

No really, it's true. Cholesterol is the duct tape of the body. It is for patching up holes (damage) to blood vessels and internal organs. Cholesterol is actually a structural material for maintaining integrity of vital body parts like your arteries, veins, liver cells, brain cells, and much more. Here are just a few other things for which cholesterol is needed:

Adrenal and sex hormones are made out of cholesterol

The myelin sheath that protects the brain is made in large part of cholesterol

Every single cell requires cholesterol in its wall or it gets leaky

What causes damage to blood vessels, brain cells and other internal organs? Think toxins and inflammation. Car exhaust, solvents such as industrial and household cleaning products, Febreze, paints, heavy metals found right in our food, water,and air on a daily basis. Not to mention that aluminum in the Tums or baking soda or table salt.

I'm much more concerned about a person's anti-oxidant status, levels of vital detox nutrients and nutrients for balancing inflammation than I am about their cholesterol levels. It's also about balance of essential fats in the diet. A person on a statin to bring down their cholesterol is still not addressing the reason their cholesterol is high in the first place.

Statins may be called for in cases where cholesterol is extremely high (i.e. over 350 or so), where there is advanced or unstable plaque in the arteries, or where triglycerides are very elevated, but this is not the average person you find on a statin.

Think deeper America...

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