(More) Reasons to Avoid Roundup

Dr. J knows that many of you already take the extra effort to eat organic foods. Here are a few more good factoids to confirm that avoiding Roundup-ready foods and use of Roundup in your lawn is the right way to go:

According to a PhD Plant Biologist Don Huber, Roundup has a half -life of 22 YEARS. In layman's terms, this means the pesticide will persist in the soil for about 100 years. It persists in the crops for 6-8 years AFTER use is discontinued. Roundup doesn't kill weeds directly - rather, it binds with the minerals in the soil, making them unavailable for food crops as well as for the weeds.

This means foods grown in that soil will be deficient in minerals. Minerals are crucial activators of metabolism, necessary for proper growth, development, energy, thyroid function, bone strength, blood pressure, cancer prevention, and much more. Roundup accumulates in corn kernals and soybeans, as well as in animals fed those things. (Another good reason to eat organic, range-fed meats as well as organic produce).

Roundup has been linked to sterility, hormone disruption, abnormal and lower sperm counts, miscarriages, placental cell death, birth defects, and cancer, to name a few. Detoxes to remove Roundup and other organophosphate pesticides from the human body ARE possible. Roundup likes brain tissue and other fatty tissues such as ovaries, breasts, and adipose. Better out than in!

For more info on the topic at the Institute for Responsible Technology, click here.

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