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S.D. Columbia Falls, MT

"Thank you for giving us our daughter's life back.  We never thought she would again live a normal life."

C.C. Kalispell, MT.

"My shoulder feels so much better after several Prolozone shots that I cancelled my surgery. I can lift heavy boxes and carry my scuba gear again. Thank you Dr. B!"

D.K. Denver, CO

"Dr. B. I just realized that it’s National Doctors Day so I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you. Your care all of these years has undoubtedly saved my life but beyond that, you are one of a kind. The love you have for your patients is something to aspire to ...and I’m certain this must be in spite of impossible, personal trials. Thank you for helping me heal. You have been such a godsend."

J.S. Columbia Falls, MT

"I still hold you close to my heart as the woman and doctor who brought me back to life.  I am truly forever grateful."

S.L. Boulder, CO

"Dr B, You are truly one of my angels on earth. I don't know what I would do without you!"

S.L. Whitefish, MT

"One injection (PRP) and my hip feels AMAZING!  I'm postoning surgery and my orthopedic surgeon agrees - I'm doing all the activities I want to be doing."

L.S., Longmont, CO

"I had been sick for 6 months and seen many doctors and specialists with no answers about my health. I was experiencing insomnia, light headedness, dizziness, anxiety, panic attacks, weakness, and pounding pressure in my heart and head. I am an athlete and was unable to train or work. Dr. Julie Barter was the only one to make any discoveries. First, she discovered that my adrenals were very low and that I had two intestinal bacteria. After ruling out more serious conditions she recommended I test for Lyme Disease, which I had never heard of before. I did the blood test and subsequently found out I have Lyme Disease that has probably been in my system for many years. Since working with Dr. Barter my symptoms have drastically improved. Now I am sleeping, I am beginning to train again, and get through my days much easier. I am really grateful for Dr. Barter's knowledge and experience. Her insight and persistence were the key to getting me back on the road to health. She helped me get my life back."

C.D., Arvada, CO

"Colitis - painful, life-changing, depressing. Many people have it continuously for years, or it abates but keeps recurring. When I had it in 2005, the prevailing medical community couldn't recommend more than Pepto Bismol and Immodium - for months. I had to gauge my life by restroom availability. This time, I vowed I would not go through the same grueling process, and thanks to Dr. Julie Barter, it was unnecessary. Her evaluation of my condition was thorough and caring. She looked not only at my outward symptoms; she analyzed my physical and emotional reactions and addressed them appropriately. Her gentle, caring manner encourages open communication and she is an excellent listener. She provided two regimens of intervention. The first included supplements and dietary changes that allowed me to function in my job and socially while I awaited a diagnosis, and the second treated the diagnosis so I am on my way to health. In addition, Dr. Barter is providing ongoing symptomatic therapy and reintroduction of foods so that I can eat a balanced diet. Also, and this is to me the best part, I will never have to face the disorder again because she is providing preventive care as well. This was never suggested to be by other medical professionals, and I am beyond grateful. If you are looking for a more natural way to treat a condition, if you want someone to truly listen to you and if you want individualized treatment, go to Dr. Julie Barter. You will be able to regain and keep your health for your lifetime. What could be worth more?"

E.P., NY

"Dr. Julie is nothing short of a miracle worker! Her broad spectrum of knowledge, unique understanding of the human body and her keen intuition make her a priceless contribution to the field of medicine and wellness. I've never experienced greater results from any healthcare practitioner. I am so thankful I found her and so is my 8 year old pit-bull, who also thanks Dr. Julie everyday for curing him of diabetes insipidus!  She is truly amazing!!!"

T.W., Portland, OR

"I was a mess when I started working with Dr. Julie Barter. I was overweight, and spent most of my days in pain. I had migraines, aching knees and elbows, heart palpitations, and digestive misery. I was tired all the time. Over the years, I had been to many other regular doctors, naturopaths, and chiropractors. I took their supplements, ate the way they told me to eat, and let them adjust me. But I stayed sick.
Things turned around for me when I started working with Dr. Barter. She gave me a diet individually tailored just to me. Just with my right diet my symptoms started to improve. She did bodywork on me using applied kinesiology which follows the Chinese acupuncture system. She also gave me supplements and homeopathy and herbs. These were also individually tailored, unique to my needs. The difference is amazing. I have shed all those extra pounds and I live without pain. I am more active and healthier now than I have ever been. I cannot recommend Dr. Barter highly enough."

M.H., Boulder, CO

I'm always getting banged up from cycling and dirt biking, and any chance to get things sorted out without resorting to synthetic drugs and modern medicine is at the top of my list. One of my goals in life as I get older is to avoid having a bunch of prescription meds in the cabinet. With Dr. Julie's insight and guidance, I've made adjustments to my diet & exercise regimen that have me feeling a lot better and will keep me healthy and pain-free for the long haul."

N.S., Boulder, CO

 "I had fallen about a month ago and was experiencing severe headaches and body pains as a result ... I was referred to Dr. Julie Barter... She adjusted me in ways I've never been adjusted before.  It was the most thorough adjustment I've ever had.  She even adjusted my cranial sutures.  Awesome!   She uses muscle testing and your meridians to let her know what's going on where and what needs to be adjusted.  It was an amazing experience and an extremely valuable one.  I feel aligned and functional again!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"