Herbal Medicine | Naturopathic Doctor Whitefish

Botanical medicines are the original remedies. Herbs have been in use for treatment and amelioration of just about every ailment known to humankind for thousands of years. It is believed by many traditional cultures and by many sages as well that for every “dis-ease” suffered by people, there is a cure in the natural world.

While still not widely accepted in the medical mainstream, as evidence for the efficacy of herbs in many different conditions continues to mount, they are gaining in popularity and acceptance.   Naturopathic doctors using herbs may have been the original functional medicine doctors in the Western Hemisphere!  After the native inhabitants, of course.

Examples of problems that often respond favorably to herbal remedies are skin rashes, digestive complaints, bloating, urinary tract infections, colds, flus, nausea, toxin relief for the liver, insomnia, hot flashes, candida, loss of memory, high blood pressure, and much more.

Dr. Julie Barter has one of the most complete herbal pharmacies in the area and she has taken great care to research the companies from which the herbs are sourced. Laboratory-confirmed presence of active ingredients, purity and strength along with sustainable and organic sources are just a few of the stringent requirements placed on the suppliers. All herbs are pharmaceutical grade.

Herbs can be magical medicines, but only if they are properly manufactured! Dr. Barter believes in honoring both traditional harvesting and processing techniques as well as scientific confirmation of the potency of the herbs dispensed in the office.
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