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Diet Evaluation & Recommendations

Dr. Julie Barter believes the quote in the right-hand margin wholeheartedly, so one of the first things that receives attention in the office is making sure the dietary habits are contributing to good health. She believes that diet is not one-size fits all, and will help craft guidelines appropriate to age, genetics, activity level, constitution and disposition of the individual.  She is a specialist in identifying food allergies.

Are you a nutritionist?

This is a commonly asked question. The answer is, Dr. Julie Barter is a doctor with hundreds more hours of therapeutic nutrition training than a nutritionist. In fact, a number of candidates for nutrition degrees have studied with her and observed her in the office. Her naturopathic medical training encompassed not only several hundred hours of formal medical nutrition training, but also nearly an additional 1000 hours of functional medicine and medical nutrition training after graduating from medical school. Nutrition both in terms of diet and in terms of supplements is an area of tremendous expertise.
She is aware of and utilizes therapeutic diets for many different conditions ranging from diabetes, reactive hypoglycemia, cholesterol problems, auto-immune conditions such as Crohn’s disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto, to seizure disorders, depression, Lyme disease, mold toxin illness, and cancer.


Did you know that sleeping 6 hours or less per night confers about the same risk for getting cancer as drinking 6 alcoholic beverages per day?  (Kazizaki, M. et al Br J Cancer 2008)
Our culture has lost touch with the rhythms of nature in this modern highly industrialized and technological age.  But you can’t mess with mother nature too much without getting in trouble.  Dr. Barter will help you identify things you can do yourself to maintain or regain your health.
She has found many times over the years of practice that many long-standing complaints are within her patients’ own control with diet and lifestyle adjustments.

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