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Primary Care

Expect results. Functional or naturopathic medicine shines where traditional approaches leave off. Offering natural approaches for most conditions, Dr. Barter is an expert in helping you get to the root of the issue. Looking deeper is a specialty.
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Physical Medicine

Expect more. Offering injections for highly effective relief from most sports injuries and aches and pains of aging. Evaluation is enhanced by kinesiological testing of the strength of various muscle groups, giving immediate feedback on the success of the treatment. Read more about Prolozone injections, a staple for keeping people active and relieving pain.
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Women's Health

Optimizing fertility and reproductive health, easing menopause.
Did your labs come back normal even though you have less energy and vitality than you wish you did? This is a “subclinical” condition. Subclinical conditions often respond quickly to natural interventions and expert bio-identical hormone optimization.
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Complex Cases

Medical detective work when you need it. Specializing in difficult cases such as:
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